100 000 pound pre-school opens its doors

Tuesday, 9 May, 2006

Cheerful toddlers are jumping for joy after their new-look £100,000 pre-school was officially opened.
For the last couple of years, the 34 children at the pre-school have been based at a Salvation Army hall, but now they have their own building, complete with a fun play area.

The move came about after local farmer Robert Honeywood offered the pre-school some land at a peppercorn rate and funds were secured from several organisations.

Deb Williams, pre-school secretary, said: "Today was great because now we have got our own building and equipment and a play area which the children can use at any time.

"It is also nice to invite all the people here who made this all possible and show them what we have achieved."

The pre-school has named its site Honeywood Corner, to thank the farmer.

Funding came from Mid Suffolk District Council, the Local Network Fund and regional development and environmental agencies.

MP David Ruffley, who opened the pre-school, said: "I greatly admire the perseverance with which the school has pursued this project."

The pre-school is mostly used by children from Norton, Pakenham, Tostock and Stowlangtoft and any interested parents can call 01359 232736 for further information.