2020 Vision: Bury's heritage over the next decade

Monday, 14 July, 2008

David Ruffley MP is meeting representatives of the Bury St Edmunds Society on Friday 18 July at 4.30pm to discuss heritage issues in the town.

Friday's meeting is a prelude to a debate which David will be launching over the coming months about how people in Bury see its heritage developing over the next decade.

David said: 'The heritage of Bury St Edmunds is very special and deserves to be preserved for future generations. But at the same time it cannot stand still. Buildings need to be conserved and put to good use. I want the town's artefacts and treasures to be enjoyed by as many people as is practically possible.

'I will invite all sectors of the town to express their view as to how Bury should be both preserved and developed over the next decade- we need 2020 vision- a plan for at least the next ten to twelve years.

'My meeting with the Bury Society is the first in a series of meetings I will be holding with groups and organisations with an interest in the town's heritage.

'Later in the year I intend to call a public meeting to give Bury's residents the chance to express their views. It is everyone's heritage- so everyone should have a chance to have their say.'