Beyton Flooding: Funding approved to tackle the issue

Thursday, 3 September, 2009

Funding to try to tackle a long standing problem with flooding in Beyton, has been approved.
The Highways Agency announced today it will contribute £5,000 towards resolving the issue, while Mid Suffolk District Council has approved funding for a topgraphical survery and drawings at a cost of around £600.

Suffolk County Council meanwhile is trying to get cash from DEFRA - the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - to also use to find a solution to the flooding problem.
The funding announcement follows a meeting called for and chaired by Bury MP David Ruffley in July to solve flooding in Thurston Road, an issue which has blighted the village for at least 30 years.
Mr Ruffley said: "I am determined to keep the momentum now we have got this far. My constituents have suffered from flooding in Beyton for long enough."