David joins Free Enterprise Group's call for Government to prepare for Eurogeddon

Friday, 25 May, 2012

The Free Enterprise Group of Conservative MPs has called on the Government to prepare for Greece's exit from the Euro by making urgent plans to restore the UK economy to growth.

MPs George Eustice, David Ruffley, Elizabeth Truss, and Kwasi Kwarteng, in Plan E, preparing for Euro Exit, have revealed their plan for responding to the Eurozone crisis. They call on the Government to:

1. Reaffirm the deficit reduction programme;

2. Capture greater capital flows by issuing infrastructure bonds to bring to the UK any capital that is fleeing the troubled Eurozone;

3. Recapitalise the banks;

4. Rebalance exports away from the EU and towards high-growth economies in the developing world;

5. Liberalise the labour market by encouraging firms to take on workers, through flexi-jobs modelled after the highly successful "mini-jobs" that have done so much to reduce youth unemployment in Germany.

Read the full plan here http://www.freeenterprise.org.uk/sites/freeenterprise.drupalgardens.com/files/Plan%20E%20-%20Preparing%20for%20Euro%20Exit%2025%20May%202012.pdf