David Ruffley MP to answer questions on the Hunting Act at Ampton Racecourse.

Sunday, 13 March, 2011

On Sunday 13th March David Ruffley MP will be attending the Suffolk Hunt's Point-to-Point, at Ampton Racecourse.

Mr Ruffley said:

'The Hunting Act is, of course, still concerning those who wish to hunt. It is a contentious Act stirring strong emotions. In the House of Commons I have always voted against the criminalisation of hunting".

The Coalition Agreement states there will be a motion on a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act at some point in this Parliament. Government Ministers can't say exactly when this will happen but Caroline Spelman the DEFRA Secretary of State has told me: 'We have an awful lot of things we need to get through as a matter of priority, connected with tackling the deficit. It's got to take its place in the queue of things we need to achieve."

'In the meantime, the Suffolk Hunt is able to survive with various activities and I look forward to the very legal Point to Point at Ampton.'