David Ruffley MP Backing New Guildhall Project

Saturday, 4 December, 2010

David Ruffley MP visited the Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds, on 4December and praised the work being carried out on the historic building. Widely regarded as the oldest complete civic building in England, the Guildhall is of regional and national importance. It has played a vital role in the history of Bury St Edmunds, from its medieval roots to its use as a Second World War operations room.

'The Guildhall Project's aim is to make the building accessible to the public again. There are people who live round the corner who have never been inside the building. It contains a number of superb survivals from all periods and should be a great place for people to learn more about Bury St Edmunds' rich and exciting history. I wholly support the Guildhall Project and look forward working with them in the coming months.

It is estimated that around £1,000,000 will need to be raised over the next two years in order to full restore the building and make it an attractive amenity. In the long-term the ambition is to put it on a stable and sustainable financial footing. Anyone who would like to help should contact Matthew Champion, Project Manager, by email: [email protected]'