David Ruffley MP calls Chief Executive to account over standards at Ipswich Hospital

Friday, 27 January, 2012

David Ruffley MP said: 'I am disappointed by the failure of Ipswich Hospital to meet so many of its targets set out in its annual Quality Account 2010/2011 and by the sudden withdrawal of the Hospital's application for Foundation Status.

I will be asking Andrew Reed why the application has been withdrawn, and what impact this will have on the future of patient care at the hospital.

Every suspected stroke patient should receive a CT scan within an hour of arriving at a hospital, yet in the second quarter of 2011 only 26% received timely medical care. This is an appalling state of affairs. The NHS ran its FAST campaign to ensure a quick diagnosis of strokes because to save lives as they are the third biggest cause of death in the UK and the largest single cause of severe disability. I will be asking why these figures fall so far below the NHS standards expected in such a crucial area of care.

According to the same report, only 54% of patients, in the first quarter of 2011/12, were transferred from ambulances and into appropriate care within an acceptable time period. Almost half of all patients transferred by ambulance, therefore, are left on ambulance trolleys in hallways, waiting for proper beds to be made available to them. I will be asking why how patients can possibly be cared for properly when they are not even allocated a bed when they arrive.

After admittance, the statistics indicate that levels of care are not much better. The list of Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation (SIRIRs) is long and disturbing. These include 18 patients developing grade 3 pressure sore from insufficient bed care, 3 data protection issues, 4 patient causing significant harm and one incident where a swab was left inside a patient after surgery.

While Ipswich Hospital has met some of its targets, to my mind it is clear that someone needs to be held responsible for the fact that care is below what my constituents expect and deserve'