David Ruffley MP champions improved Dementia care for Bury St Edmunds

Friday, 23 September, 2011

David Ruffley MP calls on local health trusts to implement the latest NICE recommendations on drug treatments for Alzheimer's Disease.

Suffolk Primary Care Trust's population is 529,081. The proportion of Suffolk Primary Care Trust's population which is over 65 is 19%.

Suffolk Primary Care Trust has 3,235 registered dementia sufferers. The proportion of the Trust's population who are registered as dementia sufferers is 0.53%.

Suffolk Primary Care Trust currently spends 1.4% of its budget on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Under the NICE guidance Suffolk PCT is now obligated to increase its annual spending on treating mild, moderate and severe Alzheimer's by an estimated £272,950.

David Ruffley MP is calling on local health services to improve standards of care in Alzheimer's disease (AD) by following the latest advice from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on drug treatment[1].

'Alzheimer's disease has a devastating effect on people's lives- patients, carers and their families. There are now recommended treatments available that will benefit their condition and it is essential that the local health trusts work with patients to ensure they have the best treatment available,' said David Ruffley MP.

David Ruffley MP has written to Dr Paul Watson, Chief Executive of Suffolk Primary Care Trust about this issue.