David Ruffley MP Leads Delegation to Treasury on church VAT

Monday, 23 April, 2012

David Ruffley MP is concerned about plans to charge VAT on church alterations, set out in last month's Budget. He is leading a delegation to see Treasury Minister David Gauke on Monday 23 April at 10am in the Treasury.

David Ruffley MP said 'I am deeply concerned by the plans set out in the Budget to levy VAT on alterations to churches. The Treasury must rethink its plans. That is why I have organised a meeting between concerned Conservative MPs lead by me and the Treasury to voice the opinions of church leaders.

Church building alterations been exempt from VAT due to the value we, rightly, place on preserving Britain's historic built environment. The proposals put forward by the Chancellor would see this exemption removed to bring alterations in line with building repairs.

This puts the future of Suffolk's historic buildings in jeopardy as the cost of repairs will increase dramatically.

Treasury must increase the £5 million set aside in the Budget to help churches- and I hope that pressure from myself and other like minded colleagues will ensure the Treasury thinks again.'