David Ruffley MP to meet a Bury group of Sugar Beet Farmers

Friday, 11 March, 2011

David Ruffley MP is meeting local sugar beet growers at 2pm, 11th March to discuss the state of the sector.

David said:

'Last winter we experienced an exceptionally cold weather followed by an abnormally mild January. Sugar beet is able to withstand 'normal' cold weather conditions. However, if the sugar beet is subjected to very low temperatures followed by an unusually warm patch then the sugar beet roots can become damaged. Unfortunately this and the late opening of the factory for processing has led to the sugar beet being unable to be harvested, resulting in 20% of the harvest going to waste.

I am going to meet with James Black and other local sugar beet farmers to discuss what can be done if the situation arises again and what measures British Sugar can take to assist local growers in the tough economic climate.'