David Ruffley MP to read lesson at Christmas Service at St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

Saturday, 22 December, 2012

David Ruffley MP will tonight read a lesson at the annual Christmas Nine Lessons and Carols Service held at St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Mr Ruffley will be attending the service which is the high point of St Edmundsbury Cathedral’s calendar. He will read one of the nine lessons for the second year running.

David Ruffley MP commented:

“Bury St Edmunds constituents take Christmas seriously. There is no finer event in our local calendar than the Cathedral’s Christmas Nine Lessons and Carols Service. St Edmundsbury Cathedral is an institution of which we are all rightly glowingly proud. I expect the service to be absolutely packed as it was last year.

In these difficult and austere economic times this Cathedral’s Christmas celebrations will enable us all to lift our eyes up to more spiritual matters and reflect upon the events of the past year.”