David Ruffley MP shocked by sudden local post office closure

Friday, 23 December, 2011

David Ruffley has been shocked to discover that vital rural services are being cut by the Post Office in Great Finborough from January.

David Ruffley said: 'I was horrified to learn that the Great Finborough Post Office has suddenly been marked for closure 'temporarily' due to a 'withdrawal of premises'.

Essential services to the village will be cut off, especially for vulnerable people who may find it hard to get to the nearest Post Offices in Stowmarket and Rattlesden.

I am deeply disappointed that there has been no statement on a proposed new site or the length of time it is anticipated the village will be without a post office.

These are weasel words from the Post Office which deliberately avoid recognising the impact of this closure on the community and do not provide a solid action plan to return services as soon as possible.

I will be writing to the Chief Executive of Royal Mail, Moya Greene, to demand a definitive action plan and time scale as well as the Parish Council to ask for their suggestions for suitable locations for a new post office.'