David Ruffley MP: Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner will put Suffolk victims in charge

Tuesday, 23 October, 2012

David Ruffley MP has welcomed new plans to toughen-up local community sentences and give victims a choice over the punishment of criminals under new plans unveiled by Home Secretary Theresa May.

David Ruffley MP said:

“Under the new Community Remedy, victims of antisocial behaviour and low-level crime will be given the right to choose a Community Payback punishment for the perpetrator of their crime. Suffolk’s new Police and Crime Commissioner, who will be elected on 15 November, will provide a list of punishment options so that the victims of crime can choose an appropriate punishment for perpetrators sentenced to an out-of-court community punishment.

For too long the victims of anti-social behaviour have felt ignored and their concerns have not been taken seriously enough. So-called ‘low-level crime’ can cause misery to victims but they often feel let down.

The punishment could be restorative or punitive, carried out in the victim’s area or as far away as possible. But all the punishments will have one thing in common: they will be chosen by the victim.

I hope the new Commissioner uses this in the fight against local crime.”