David Ruffley outraged by First Group bus withdrawal from Bury St Edmunds

Sunday, 15 January, 2012

This is quite outrageous. They are giving members of the travelling public just weeks before unilaterally pulling out of Bury St Edmunds. I'm completely appalled by the glib complacency of their statement that the withdrawal of service will cause 'minimal disruption'.

They give us their reason the fact that in Bury St Edmunds their operations 'have not been commercially viable'. Frankly, there should be no good reason for this except, perhaps, that First Group were not offering a very good service in the first place.

I have, therefore, written today to the Chief Executive of First Group, Tim O'Toole. I have also written to John Griffiths, Leader of Bury St Edmunds Council, and Councillor Guy McGregor, Portfolio Holder for Roads, Transport and Planning at Suffolk County Council, to explore as a matter of urgency an alternative bus provision for my constituents.'