David Ruffley in top level meeting at the home of Branston Brown Sauce as part of his campaign to see HP Sauce banned from Westminster

Wednesday, 6 September, 2006

David Ruffley MP will be holding a top level meeting at Premier Foods in Bury St Edmunds on Friday 8 September at 11am as part of his campaign to see HP sauce banned from Westminster.

HP brown sauce famously features the Houses of Parliament on its label and US owner Heinz has recently announced the closure of the firm's plant in Birmingham and move production to Holland.

The sauce has been made in Birmingham for 103 years and the move will result in the loss of 125 jobs. As a consequence, David Ruffley MP is calling for HP to be removed from the Parliamentary Estate and replaced with a British sauce, made in Bury St Edmunds.

David will be met by David Kappler, Chairman of Premier Foods, and factory manager, Oliver Flint.

David Ruffley MP says:

'I am urging the Administration Committee to remove HP Sauce from the Parliamentary Estate and replace it with British produced Branston Brown Sauce.

'Branston which is exported to 70 countries is made in Bury St Edmunds by Premier Foods and deserves the support of the Palace of Westminster. Branston would also consider ensuring that the Houses of Parliament Big Ben image is continued to be used on bottles of Branston Brown Sauce.

'Heinz has forfeited any moral right to use the iconic Big Ben logo. If any one deserves that iconic logo on its Brown Sauce it is Branston made in Bury St Edmunds and I will be investigating with the Chairman of Premier Foods how we might take this forward.

'If Heinz want to go abroad to make HP, that's up to them but they should lose the right to supply the House of Commons.

'I look forward to meeting with Premier Foods Chairman, David Kappler, and his staff to discuss what else I can do to support them in their bid to ensure that the image of the Houses of Parliament remains on a British made brown sauce.'