Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill

Wednesday, 23 May, 2007

'Of course I will be voting for my MP's expenses and all my correspondence to be published under the Freedom of Information laws.

'I do not believe that there should be one rule for MPs and another

for everyone else.

'The Liberal Democrats are throwing mud yet again and should grow up.'

Commenting on his vote on the Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill on Friday 18 May David Ruffley said:

'I believe there is a grey area in the current law which could lead to private and sensitive personal correspondence from my constituents being published. If this were to happen it could deter my constituents from coming to their MP. That is why I voted as I did last Friday.

'My vote last Friday had absolutely nothing at all to do with expenses. I believe that all the letters I write and all my MP's expenses should be disclosable in full under Freedom of Information. I have always believed that and if the Liberals say differently they are being dishonest.

'I am pleased the matter has now gone to the House of Lords so they can look at the Bill. I hope they will do so in a way that protects confidential information about and from my constituents.

'When this returns to the House of Commons I will be voting to make all my expenses and all my correspondence fully disclosable under Freedom of Information law.

'The Liberals should pack in this dishonest smear campaign.'