Gislingham Mobile Post Office Site: Ruffley calls on Post Office Ltd to reconsider Broadfields Road site

Wednesday, 8 April, 2009

David Ruffley has written to Laura Tarling, Network Development Manager at Post Office Ltd, following the decision to site the new mobile outreach post office service in Broadfields Road, Gislingham from 11.30-13.30 Monday to Friday each week. David is demanding to know why no public consultation has been carried out for this site.

Post Office Ltd carried out a six week consultation on their proposal to site a mobile outreach service in Westview Gardens, Gislingham but the consultation responses made clear that this was unpopular and unsuitable for road safety reasons.

Without any further consultation, Post Office Ltd has announced that they will now site the mobile service in Broadfields Road.

David Ruffley has received representations from Gislingham District Councillor, Diana Kearsley, pointing out that the proposed site in Broadfields Road will cause considerable disruption for two hours every day. Not only is it a public highway but it is the road leading to Gislingham Primary School. The hours of trading are at a time when there will quite obviously be parents and children using this road during the lunch time periods, as well as the normal traffic, which will undoubtedly be hazardous in this residential area.

David said: 'Post Office Ltd can't have given this decision much thought. They are desperate to find a site for their mobile service following their hugely unpopular decision to close the excellent Gislingham Post Office run by Geoff Laurence.

'Post Office Ltd should have consulted again following the rejection of their equally ill-conceived proposal to use a site in Westview Gardens.

'They seem to have leapt on the idea of using the same site as the mobile library in Broadfields Road without giving thought to the timing. Increasing the volume of traffic in Broadfields Road at a time when parents and children are using the road is an accident waiting to happen.

'I call on Post Office Ltd to reconsider this decision and come up with a proposal that makes more sense.'