MP talkies saves yorkies

Wednesday, 24 May, 2006

ANIMAL-LOVING MPs including John Redwood and David Blunkett have come to the aid of Yorkshire terriers rescued from a filthy shed in West Sussex.

The dogs are among the 206 rescued from the windowless 60ft building after pet breeder Elizabeth Stevens, 73, died in April.

The case prompted outrage after a broadcast showed the animals packed into transport containers and riddled with disease. In "hellish" scenes, six dogs had been partially eaten by others desperate for food.

The Celia Hammond Trust animal charity took in 86 of the neediest last month, appealing for help with urgent care.

,b>And when former model Celia contacted Mr Redwood, a friend, he asked every MP for donations. Mr Blunkett, and Tories Julie Kirkbride, Julian Lewis, David Ruffley and many others, sent donations.

Mr Redwood said: "I thought it would be a kind gesture if those of us who care about animals each sponsored one of the dogs." Ms Hammond said:

"Dogs in the best shape have found homes. But we've 35 left."

Celia Hammond Animal Trust, Wadhurst, East Sussex TN5 6AG