Onehouse Housing Proposal: Ruffley Steps in to Demand Residents' Voices Are Heard

Tuesday, 18 November, 2003

When residents of Onehouse were fearful that their views on the proposed housing development by George Wimpey UK would not be heard, MP David Ruffley stepped in to call a public meeting. This will be held on Friday, 21 November at 7.00 p.m. in Onehouse Community Centre.

If the proposed development goes ahead, Onehouse will effectively become part of Stowmarket.

David said: 'While villages cannot remain set in aspic and must move with the times to survive, a housing development on this scale is out of proportion to the size of the existing village. Villagers want to retain open land between Onehouse and Stowmarket to retain their identity as a village. When Arlene Cruickshank, Chairman of Onehouse Parish Council, expressed concern that their views were not being listened to I was only too pleased to step in and call a public meeting which I will be chairing and at which a Planning Officer from Mid Suffolk District Council will be present to hear what they have to say.'