Outrageous bureaucracy is destroying village fund raising' says Ruffley

Monday, 3 April, 2006

David Ruffley MP has today voiced his concern that village fairs and events may become a thing of the past in the face of ever increasing bureaucracy.

The Woolpit Street Fair which has taken place annually for the last six years, raising over £10,000 for children and youth groups in the village, will not be taking place this year.

Woolpit Parish Council Clerk, Peggy Fuller, wrote to David Ruffley explaining that increasing bureaucracy is making village events less viable.

David said:

'Events such as the Woolpit Street Fair have long been the backbone of village fund raising but an outrageous level of bureaucracy has developed which is making such events less and less viable.

'I am convinced Woolpit Street Fair Committee explored every possible avenue before making this difficult decision. It is symptomatic of a society that is getting bogged down in more and more red tape; this is the sort of sad news we are going to hear more of across Suffolk.'

Extract from Peggy Fuller's letter:

'Parish Councillors are saddened that the increasing bureaucracy is killing village events, which have always been the main stay of fundraising for groups.

'Not only have insurance premiums increased by unprecedented levels, all the issues of health and safety mean it is no longer worthwhile to organise anything.'