Ruffley accuses Brown of 'bottling' Ipswich unitary election

Wednesday, 5 December, 2007

David Ruffley MP has today slammed Gordon Brown for causing disarray in local government in Suffolk after vetoing the Ipswich Unitary bid in an 11th hour u-turn.

David said:

'Gordon Brown promised us competence in Government, but what he has given us is the first run on a British bank for over 100 years, half the adult population's personal details lost, and an election that never was. Now after pushing through a unitary bid that I, and many other Suffolk MPs, opposed he has performed an 11th hour u-turn and changed his mind.

'The timing of this decision is highly dubious- the Government is enduring disaster after disaster and a local poll gave the Conservatives in Ipswich an 11-point lead over Labour.

'Yet again Gordon Brown is bottling an election he doesn't think he could win- he couldn't face the prospect of a thrashing in the all out elections in May next year so he has vetoed the Ipswich unitary bid.'