Ruffley and King Edward VI School welcome Chinese students, teachers and their sponsors to Bury St Edmunds

Wednesday, 7 October, 2009

David Ruffley MP will be a guest at King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds at the event they are hosting on Thursday, 8 October for students and teachers from their Chinese partner school, Yangjing-Juyan Experimental School in Shanghai, and representatives of Huawei, a large Chinese multinational telecoms company, which has sponsored the visit.

This week King Edward VI School has welcomed students and staff from their partner school in Shanghai- part of their long-term commitment to global citizenship.

This Bury St Edmunds School is actively developing links with overseas schools and businesses. The new partnership with Yangjing-Juyan Experimental School in Shanghai- a physical education school and the city's premier special arts school- follows a recent study visit led by Headteacher, Geoff Barton.

David said: 'I am delighted to join King Edward VI School at their prestigious event to welcome our Chinese visitors to Bury St Edmunds and to thank Huawei for their generous sponsorship of the visit.

I also welcome and congratulate King Edward VI School on forging exciting and innovative links with China. In a global economy it is vital that today's students develop an awareness, not only of other countries' cultures and traditions, but also a knowledge of their economies. The future for many of today's students is a career in multinational companies, so the exposure they receive to world class companies such as Huawei can only be beneficial.'