Ruffley asks 'Do you do your bit for the environment?'

Tuesday, 17 January, 2006

David Ruffley MP has this week launched a new survey on his interactive survey website asking for his constituents views on recycling and energy waste. The survey can be accessed on his website

David said:

'In Britain this year, we'll send each other somewhere in the region of 1 billion Christmas cards, wrap our presents in more than 80 square kilometres of wrapping paper, and empty more than 20 million glass jars and bottles over the festive period. If we all made an effort to recycle just half of that then we'd really make a difference to the environment.

'I recently recycled the Christmas cards I received this year at the Tesco store in Bury St Edmunds using the Woodland Trust's National Christmas Card Recycling Scheme.

'I want to know how local people feel about the environment and what steps they are taking to do their bit. The Energy Saving Trust website at has a number of easy to follow tips to help save energy and prevent future climate change problems.'