Ruffley asks local people: 'Where do you want your money to go?'

Monday, 3 April, 2006

David Ruffley MP has today launched a survey about the Chancellor's Budget on his interactive survey website,

David said:

'We heard in the budget what the Government are doing with taxpayer's money. But I want to know what local people want to happen with the hard earned money they give to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Where do you want your money to go?

'The Government spends over £400 billion of your money each and every year. Local people make choices at the General Election about who they want to spend that money but what about in between these times? It is only right that we listen to the public and ask for their views on such important issues, as to whether we should increase support for pensioners, whether we should increase spending on the National Health Service, or whether people want to see a reduction in the amount of tax they pay.

'These are all key issues and I want to hear the views of local people through my interactive website at'.