Ruffley attacks Home Office for failing Needham Market Neighbourhood Watch

Wednesday, 9 June, 2004

A Home Office U-turn spells disaster for the local Needham Market branch of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme, which would be a real blow for crime fighting in the area.

As the Chairman of the National Neighbourhood Watch Association explains in the attached letter they have been badly let down by the Home Office who have announced that it will not support it during the next fiscal year which was always known to be a condition for their continued survival.

Mr Ruffley said:

'This shameful decision by the Home Secretary, David Blunkett threatens the whole existence of the much valued and respected Neighbourhood Watch Association. I have written to the Home Secretary on behalf of Mr John Stainton, the Chair of the Needham Market Association, to express my anger about the decision. It is quite wrong of the Minster to go back on his earlier promise. We here talk from the Government about local policing and local communities but in terms of action they do nothing to support those groups and people striving to make our neighbourhoods safer.