Ruffley to attend event in parliament to support local newsagents

Tuesday, 23 June, 2009

David Ruffley MP will be attending an event in Parliament on 24th June to support campaigners who want increased competition in the newspaper distribution market and more recognition of the vital role that newsagents play in local communities.

Over 750 independent newsagents have signed a petition which will be presented to the government.

David said: 'This event will be an opportunity to meet supporters of local and independent newsagents and discuss what more can be done to prevent the emergence of regional monopolies in the newspaper distribution market.'

'I wholeheartedly support the plight of the local newsagents which play such an important role in local communities; something that is especially evident here in rural Suffolk. I have spoken to many constituents who are horrified at the prospect that their local shops may be forced out of business.'

'I am deeply concerned by the emergence of regional monopolies in the newspaper distribution market and will do all I can to support local shops. Monopolies always lead to higher prices for consumers while the company in question scrapes more profit.'

'I will be pressing the government to do all it can to support these essential local businesses. At the very least, some form of self-regulation is needed, and the Home Office should be looking at how it can more effectively combat crime against small businesses which hits profitability.'