Ruffley Backing Business: Ruffley's Rolling Visits Programme Continues

Tuesday, 20 January, 2004

David Ruffley is holding the next in his series of 'Business Days' in Bury St Edmunds on Friday, 23 January.

First on the list is British Sugar where David will arrive at 10.30 a.m. He will be met by the Plant Manager, who will take him on a tour of the plant to meet the staff. Sugar beet processing will still be in operation.

David was invited to visit British Sugar to be briefed on the current European sugar sector review which will have a profound effect on British Sugar. The company also wish to brief David on the development of a bioethanol industry in the UK in which they are involved.

David then moves on to L A Fitness in Easlea Road, Moreton Hall at midday where he will meet Helen Jacobs, the club manager, her staff and members of the club. L A Fitness offers a full range of facilities including gym, pool, studio, beauty and alternative treatments, críÂche and conference room.

Back in the centre of Bury, David will then call in on Communique in Linden House, Looms Lane. Richard and Jill Carter, the founders of the business, will be there to meet him. Communique has recently become part of the Tribal Group plc, a leading provider of communications services to the NHS and other public sector organisations.

In the afternoon David will meet Kevin Baverstock who runs Thunderchief Ltd, a media consultancy, from his home in Angel Hill. Mr Baverstock first contacted David over problems he was having with his broadband internet service- a service which is essential to small businesses in rural areas if they are to keep up with larger companies. Knowing of David's campaign to bring broadband to all areas of his constituency, Kevin Baverstock was keen to have the opportunity to discuss this issue with his MP.

David said: 'The businesses I am visiting today show the diversity of business sectors we have in Bury St Edmunds- from large multi-nationals to small one man companies run from home. They all contribute to our local community and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Suffolk. By keeping in touch with them I am better able to represent the views of business in the House of Commons.'