Ruffley Calls on Government to Lift VAT Burden on St Nicholas' Hospice

Thursday, 24 July, 2003

David Ruffley has signed Early Day Motion 552 in the House of Commons entitled 'Impact of VAT on the Voluntary Sector'. It calls on the Government to introduce measures to reduce or remove this crippling financial burden on charities.

David said: 'Local charities such as St Nicholas' Hospice which do such excellent work in our area could do even more if they were not crippled with the burden of irrecoverable VAT. Nationally, charities lose over £400 million per year in this way. From April this year it is estimated that they will also lose a further £50 million per year in increased national insurance contributions. St Nicholas' Hospice does sterling work to raise substantial sums of money but if the Government listens to this call to lift the VAT burden the hours spent in fundraising could be put to use more directly helping their patients.'