Ruffley demands new elected Police Commissioner for Suffolk and more local police

Tuesday, 22 February, 2005

David Ruffley this week called for the abolition of the unelected Suffolk police Authority. This would be replaced by a, US style, directly elected local Police Commissioner for the County. This would allow local people to exert greater influence over the type of policing and police priorities in Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, and to hold the Chief Constable to account.

David said:

'Violent crime has soared under Mr Blair's Government, but the police are tied up in red-tape and aren't able to focus on local needs. We need to end policing 'by initiative' and have a regime that reflects the unique needs of Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket. The police across Suffolk need to be accountable to local communities and set policing targets to meet local needs.

'I want to see an end to Suffolk policing 'by committee'. That is why we should abolish the unelected Suffolk Police Authority and replace it with a directly-elected Police Commissioner. He or she will be elected by the people to take a grip on local crime and allow local people a greater influence on policing than the current unelected police authorities.'

Under Conservative plans, Suffolk would also receive 379 extra police officers. David explained:

'To cut crime, we need more police officers, neighbourhood policing and proper accountability. Conservatives will restore respect for the law, respect for others and respect for property. These are values of the forgotten majority who have been ignored and neglected during eight years of a Labour Government.'