Ruffley demands regular updates from Highways Agency boss on new A14 improvements at Haughley Bends

Tuesday, 14 March, 2006

David Ruffley MP has today requested quarterly updates from the Highways Agency Chief Executive, Archie Robertson, on the Haughley New Street improvements to the A14.

The most recent agency project on the A14, at the Rookery Crossroads, has arrived six months late and £2million over budget. David Ruffley is determined to see better management of the Haughley New Street improvements to Suffolk's major trunk road.

The Haughley New Street project will see a new road starting at Haughley New Street and taking a route just to the south of the existing A14. It will travel adjacent to the existing A14 towards Stowmarket where a new all access grade-separated junction is planned between Fishponds Way and the existing Stowmarket junction. An overbridge/underbridge will be built near the existing Quarries Cross Junction, which will provide access to settlements to the south of the A14.

The expected cost of this scheme is a massive £31.7m.

David said:

'The A14 is Suffolk's major trunk road and a gateway to Europe. It is of the utmost importance that any improvements to it arrive on schedule and on budget.

'Following the delays and overspending that has plagued the Rookery Crossroads, I have felt it necessary to request quarterly updates from Archie Robertson, Chief Executive of the Highways Agency, outlining the current status of the Haughley New Street project.

'The people of Suffolk have a right to know that the money they pay in tax is not being wasted through inefficiency and bungled management. I hope that by receiving these quarterly updates I will be able to do my bit to ensure good management and report back to my constituents that everything is on schedule.'