Ruffley demands urgent action from Environment Agency and Anglian Water to end foul smell from River Lark in Bury St Edmunds

Tuesday, 29 September, 2009

David Ruffley MP has written to the Environment Agency and Anglian Water demanding urgent action to rid his Bury St Edmunds constituents of the disgusting smell coming from the River Lark near Eastgate Street.

One suggested cause of the smell is water trapped behind the weir near Eastgate Street which has no sluice to release the water and improve the flow.

Another possible cause is a soiled water pipe at a nearby property that has been connected to the surface water drain which flows into the River Lark.

Hydrogen peroxide has been pumped into the River Lark on more than one occasion since August but this has not improved the situation.

David has hit out at suggestions by the Environment Agency and Anglian Water that the best they can do is 'pray for rain'.

David said: 'I find it incredible that in this day and age we are being told that we must wait for rain to be rid of this putrid smell. With all the technology at their disposal is it really not possible for the Environment Agency or Anglian Water to take immediate action to speed up a solution?

'My constituents in the Eastgate area of Bury St Edmunds have suffered this smell for long enough. They cannot open a window or leave their homes without breathing in this disgusting odour.

'I demand urgent action. Sitting back and waiting for a downpour is not the answer.'