Ruffley goes to Tesco to Fight for Future of Moreton Hall Post Office

Tuesday, 9 March, 2004

David Ruffley has demanded a personal meeting with Tesco at their headquarters to continue his fight to secure the future of the Moreton Hall Post Office in the One Stop Shop in Lawson Place. This is under threat following the takeover by Tesco of the chain of One Stop Shops.

As a result of his intensive lobbying he will be meeting Ian Crick, the senior retail strategist at Tesco's national HQ, on Wednesday, 10 March at 2.00 p.m.

David said: 'I demanded a personal meeting with the man who has calculated 'the numbers' that led Tesco to announce the post office closure- and got it. I will be making it clear to them that if they go ahead with closure of the Post Office in Moreton Hall they do so at their peril. The large turnout at the public meeting that I personally called and chaired showed the strength of support in the area for the Post Office to remain.

I will be arguing that Tesco will lose a large number of Bury customers if they do not find a way to retain the post office facility within their new convenience store in Lawson Place. I will be urging them to think again about their damaging decision to close the post office.'