Ruffley makes final plea to Minister to keep Stowmarket Job Centre open

Wednesday, 5 November, 2008

David Ruffley has made a final plea to the Government to keep Stowmarket Jobcentre Plus office open.

The Jobcentre Plus office in Stowmarket is proposed for closure under the Government's current review of jobcentre services in Suffolk. Following analysis of the consultation responses, the final recommendation is expected to go to the Minister for a decision this month.

David has written to Tony McNulty, the Minister for Employment and Welfare Reform, outlining his strong opposition to the proposed closure and making a final plea to the Minister to keep Stowmarket Jobcentre open.

The text of Mr Ruffley's letter is copied below.

David said:

'It would be folly to close Stowmarket Jobcentre now- just when it may be needed most. Economic conditions have worsened since the closure was first proposed and this has got to be taken into account. I call on the Government to think again and keep Stowmarket Jobcentre open.

'The Government needs to listen to local people. Mid Suffolk District Council, Stowmarket Town Council, the local CAB- they are all opposed to the closure. Not to mention the large number of individual constituents who have contacted me asking for my help to save it.

'An announcement is expected this month. It is time for the Government to end the uncertainty, do the right thing and keep Stowmarket Jobcentre open.'