Ruffley meets Police Chief Constable and says 'Police merger must not happen; we must draw a line in the sand and Suffolk must have its own force'

Thursday, 17 November, 2005

David Ruffley MP today attended a high level meeting at the House of Commons, along with other Suffolk MPs, with the Chief Constable of Suffolk Police and the Chair of the Suffolk Police Authority to discuss the proposed amalgamation of police forces in the East of England.

Suffolk Police Authority suggested four restructuring options in October 2005, including maintaining and enhancing the 'status quo'- with Suffolk Constabulary continuing to police the county of Suffolk. However, the Home Office stated last week that 'Maintaining and enhancing the status quo' was not an option and the Suffolk Constabulary must merge with neighbouring forces.

David said:

'We must draw a line in the sand. Suffolk must be allowed to continue to operate as a stand alone force. Of course, in areas such as terrorism where more cooperation is need this should go ahead.

'However, a regional force, of any description, will not be good news for the people of Suffolk.

"Today's meeting revealed that other forces, such as Norfolk, currently have huge debts. If Norfolk have mismanaged their accounts and run up huge debts Suffolk council tax payers should not be left to pick up the tab."