Ruffley Opposes Government's Gambling Bill and Meets Christian Leaders

Tuesday, 2 November, 2004

David Ruffley will be holding one of his regular meetings with local church leaders on Friday, 5th November at 12.30 pm at Christ Church, Moreton Hall, hosted by the Reverend Jonathan Ford. The meeting is open to all religious denominations.

The subject that will be uppermost in most church leader's minds is the Gambling Bill which was debated in the House of Commons on Monday, 1 November. David will also be speaking on conscience subjects such as cloning, embryology, and the Mental Capacity Bill, including euthanasia.

David said: 'My Party opposed the Gambling Bill in the House of Commons on Monday. Huge concern has been expressed to me by my constituents who are horrified at the thought of Las Vegas style casinos being built all around the country. I certainly do not want to see the relaxation of access to gambling venues in my constituency. I am appalled that the Government is introducing such a Bill and I will oppose it at every stage.'