Ruffley Responds To Brown Budget: 'Dissapointing For Suffolk'

Wednesday, 16 March, 2005

After leaving the House of Commons chamber this afternoon David Ruffley said:

'Gordon Brown did not mention rural areas or the countryside once. This proves the urban bias of this Government.

We have seen astronomical rises in house prices in Suffolk. Gordon Brown has caused misery for stamp duty payers by raising stamp duty four times since 1997. His announcement today won't do much to repair the damage he has already caused.

After today's Budget, Suffolk motorists will still know they pay the highest duty in the whole of Europe.

Worst of all, Gordon Brown refuses to take old age pensioners seriously. His £200 per year is, disgracefully, a one off- only for one year! This is pathetic and is dwarfed by the Conservative policy of slashing council tax by half for the over 65s, which is worth up to £500 a year, year after year after year.

I have sat through eight years of Gordon Brown's Budgets and this is the least impressive one I can remember. I doubt that it will impress Suffolk.'