Ruffley Reveals Shocking New Figures Showing The Cost Of Bed Blocking In Suffolk

Monday, 7 April, 2003

David Ruffley MP has unearthed new figures from Health Ministers that show the large cost of the bed blocking problem in Suffolk.

In a written question to the Health Ministers, David Ruffley asked how much bed blocking was costing the Suffolk taxpayer. The answer reveals that it is costing the Suffolk taxpayer an astonishing £13,000 per day or a staggering £4,745,000 per year.

David Ruffley said, 'I have regularly highlighted this unacceptable situation with Health Ministers. Using their own calculations the bed blocking problem is costing £13,000 per day in Suffolk and approximately £523,300 per day nationally. That means across the whole of Suffolk £4,745,000 per year is wasted on bed blocking. In the West Suffolk Primary Care Trust area alone the annual cost is £1,168,000.

'We will no doubt hear from Suffolk County Council this week that they are pleased that they appear to be meeting their bed blocking targets. However, I do not believe that the Council should be congratulated on achieving any targets that involve wasting literally millions of pounds a year in Suffolk. That money could be put to more constructive use in giving older people the care packages they need and that at the moment are not simply being resourced.'