Ruffley Signs Autism Manifesto

Wednesday, 14 April, 2004

David Ruffley has signed the Autism Manifesto launched by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism in the House of Commons and is campaigning for an overhaul of the way people with autism and their families are treated in the Suffolk area.

The Manifesto sets out four general principles and eleven specific objectives to deliver better services and support for people with autism, to be achieved in the next ten years. It stems from extensive consultation across the autism movement, with contributions to the Manifesto coming from people with autism, parents and carers, local groups and national organisations.

David Ruffley MP, said:

'I want a society where autism is fully understood and where people with Autism spectrum disorders and their families are respected, supported and receive the same rights and entitlements as others.

All agencies must work together in the Suffolk area to make a reality of social inclusion and ensure that all those in the local area receive the care they deserve.

I will continue my campaign on behalf of Autism projects in the Suffolk region and will maintain the pressure on Ministers and the Government at a national level to ensure that the funding remains for these vital bodies.'