Ruffley: "Suffolk should play its role in tackling climate change"

Monday, 6 March, 2006

David Ruffley MP today added his support to calls for new ways to tackle climate change by generating more energy locally, through small-scale and eco-friendly means.

This comes at a time when a series of power firms have announced sharp hikes in gas and electricity bills for local households. At present, most electricity comes from large power plants and transmitted over long distances, wasting two-thirds of the energy in the process.

'Decentralised energy' systems would see everyday buildings buying and selling electricity on local networks. Such buildings would either create energy for themselves, by using devices such as solar panels, small wind turbines, or use more energy efficient devices, such as combined heat and power boilers, which generate electricity as well as providing heat and hot water. Any surplus energy the building did not use would be fed back into a local grid.

David said:

'We need to enhance our environment by seeking a long-term cross-party consensus on sustainable development and climate change- instead of short-term thinking and surrendering to vested interests.

'At a time of rising energy bills, decentralised energy in Suffolk could play a major role in combating climate change, reducing dependency on imported fuels, increasing British competitiveness and engaging people in the wider impact of their own personal use of energy.

'We're all in this together and we need to recognise that we have a shared responsibility to act. All of us; Government, business, families and individuals must play our part if we are to tackle the environmental issues so important to our future. 'Suffolk should play its role in tackling climate change, and I am pleased to lend my support to this important initiative.'