Ruffley Supports Stowupland High School's Bid for Specialist School Status

Tuesday, 18 March, 2003

David Ruffley is supporting the bid by Stowupland High School for Specialist School Status. He has written a letter of support to Charles Clarke, Secretary of State for Education and Skills.

David said: 'I am delighted to support Stowupland in their bid to the Department for Education and Skills for Specialist School Status to become a Mathematics and Computing College.

"The school's bid has also attracted the support of local businesses, including PPG in Stowmarket, Haymills, Jeffries of Bacton, Enterprise Consultancy Services and Anglia Railways- as well as their own Parent Teachers Association. If the bid is successful the school will receive additional funding to enable it to improve its facilities in the key areas of maths and computing.

"I previously supported Stowmarket High School in their successful bid for specialist status. They are now reaping the rewards of that success. I hope that Stowupland High School will be equally successful.'