Ruffley in Top Level Meeting with Havebury Housing Partnership

Tuesday, 11 March, 2003

David Ruffley is meeting Steve Cook, Chief Executive of the Havebury Housing Partnership, together with Karen Mayhew, Director of Housing, David Hall, Director of Finance, and Mike Dawson, Acting Director of Environmental Health and Housing at St Edmundsbury Borough Council, on Friday, 14 March.

David will be briefed on Havebury's progress since the St Edmundsbury housing stock was transferred to Havebury last year.

As well as investing in the transferred housing stock, Havebury are planning the development of new homes in both the urban and rural areas of St Edmundsbury with building to be started soon. They also have a role in community regeneration and invest in community projects which aim to strengthen the local communities.

David said: 'Havebury Housing Partnership has a key social housing and community role in St Edmundsbury and I am keen to find out how much progress they have made and what plans they have for the future.'