Ruffley Welcomes Bury St Edmunds Member of Youth Parliament to Westminster

Monday, 24 February, 2003

David Ruffley MP will welcome Andrew Crawford MYP and his Deputy, Marcus Broughton, to the House of Commons on Monday, 24 February.

Andrew Crawford, aged 16, lives in Bury St Edmunds and is a student at West Suffolk College. He was elected MYP for the Bury St Edmunds area in the recent Suffolk elections for the Youth Parliament.

The duties of an MYP include meeting local groups of young people to plan, consult and prioritise the needs of young people; to liaise with Borough and County Councillors and to attend council meetings to support action to meet young people's needs. They also attend the national sitting of the Youth Parliament which produces a manifesto.

The Community Education Officer of Suffolk County Council is encouraging Westminster MPs to invite their local MYPs to the House of Commons. It is a valuable experience for them to see how Parliament works. David immediately issued an invitation to his constituent, Andrew Crawford, not only to meet him at the House of Commons but to have a full tour and see parliamentary Questions and a debate from the House of Commons public gallery.

David said: 'The Youth Parliament gives young people a genuine opportunity to get involved in politics and promote a youth agenda. Young people's views are important and politicians at Westminster should take note of what they have to say. I am delighted to welcome Andrew Crawford and Marcus Broughton to Westminster to give them the opportunity to learn about the work of Members of Parliament and to see democracy in action.'