Ruffley welcomes moves to bring University Campus Suffolk to Bury St Edmunds

Tuesday, 27 September, 2005

David Ruffley MP has welcomed moves to bring University Campus Suffolk to Bury St Edmunds. This project could result in a major expansion of facilities at West Suffolk College.

Suffolk is the only county in England that has a population of over half a million and has no higher education institution.

David said:

'The UCS project is of great importance to the region and will provide Suffolk with much needed higher education facilities. This will not only enable us to attract more students to Suffolk but will also help us to retain those we already have.

'The news that an expansion of West Suffolk College could form a part of a new network of learning centres will be welcomed by my constituents. I will be giving this grant application my full support.

'As well as the obvious financial benefits the development would also be of great use to the wider community; bringing a new day care centre and enhanced catering facilities as well as seeing improvements to road safety and traffic movements in the surrounding area.'