Ruffley welcomes new consultation on Air Traffic proposals

Tuesday, 24 February, 2009

David Ruffley has welcomed the news that National Air Traffic Services (NATS) is to conduct a new consultation later this year on revised proposals to redraw the aircraft route map over Suffolk.

The proposal in last year's consultation by NATS would have seen aircraft being stacked over some of the most tranquil villages in David's constituency- including Drinkstsone, Felsham, Gedding and Rattlesden.

David has vigorously supported campaigners from his constituency against these proposals. He called NATS to a meeting at the House of Commons to express his strong opposition and also lobbied the Government Minister responsible for Aviation.

In addition, David was a key speaker at a London rally, timed to coincide with the closing date of last year's consultation, where he joined his constituents to protest against stacking aircraft over their villages.

David said: 'I welcome this announcement of a new consultation but caution campaigners against premature celebration since we don't yet know what new proposals NATS are putting forward.

'However, this announcement is a victory for people power. It wouldn't have happened without all the hard work done by campaigners to make their voices heard. The Save Our Silence Action Group, which has many members in my constituency, has done an excellent job and I have been delighted to support them.

'We have cleared the first hurdle but we must now gear up for the campaign to continue once NATS announce their new proposals.'