Ruffley's Christmas Card recycling drive helps Woodland Trust in attempt to recycle 90 million cards

Tuesday, 30 January, 2007

David Ruffley has been collecting Christmas Cards from across his constituency to recycle as part of the Woodland Trust initiative which aims to recycle 90 million Christmas cards across England.

David Ruffley receives hundreds of Christmas cards, both personally and professionally, from people across the UK and the World.

David will be recycling his cards and making sure constituents' cards are ready for collection on Friday 2 February at his Constituency Office in Woolpit.

Over the festive period it is estimated that in the UK we:

• Sent around one billion Christmas cards.

• Wrapped our presents in more than 50 square miles of wrapping paper.

• Emptied more than 20 million glass jars and bottles.

David is a staunch supporter of environmental issues and has ensured that the vast majority of paper waste from both his Westminster and Constituency Offices is recycled.

David said:

'Last year I recycled all my Christmas Cards via the Woodland Trust at the local Tesco store in Bury St Edmunds. I was so impressed with the initiative that this year I arranged to have Woodland Trust bins in my Constituency Office so that members of the public who couldn't take their cards all the way to Bury St Edmunds or Stowmarket could drop in and recycle their cards there.

'Dealing with environmental issues responsibly is one of the biggest challenges facing the country today. This isn't about national politics it is about each and every one of us doing our bit to improve the environment and quality of life for future generations.

'This year we can make a real difference by making every effort to recycle the vast amount of paper waste we produce in our day to day lives.

'The campaign by the Woodland Trust aims to recycle 90 million cards and beat the record set in 2006 when an impressive 82 million cards were recycled.

'Together we can start 2007 on a positive note and begin to address the environmental issues that are so vital to our future.'