Ruffley's road safety investigation reveals urgent need for improvements to the A143

Monday, 17 September, 2007

David Ruffley MP has today released details of his investigation into road safety on the A143 in Suffolk.

Information obtained by David from Suffolk Constabulary, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, reveals that since 1997 there have been 15 fatalities on the A143, 124 accidents involving serious injury and 559 involving slight injury.

This has made the A143 consistently one of the top five most dangerous roads in Suffolk.

In 2005 the A143 had more road accidents that any other A Road in Suffolk apart from the A14 and A12. In 2006 the A143 was the fourth most dangerous A road in Suffolk behind the A14, A12 and A134.

The A143 in Suffolk stretches from Haverhill to the boarder with Norfolk near Diss.

David said:

'The A143 in Suffolk is a stretch of road that is repeatedly drawn to my attention.

'These new figures reveal that it has, for the last 10 years, consistently been one of the most dangerous roads in our county.

'The only roads it has consistently ranked behind, in terms of total number of personal injury accidents, are major trunk roads such as the A12 and A14.

'Many of my constituents have made the case for improvements to the road. In particular many people living in the Great Barton area have argued that there is a need for a by-pass around the village. In the light of these new figures their case has even greater urgency.'