Ruffley's survey reveals 72percent of residents oppose unitary proposal

Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

David Ruffley MP has today released details of an online survey he has been running which reveals that 72percent of respondents are opposed to the Boundary Committee's recommendations for unitary councils in Suffolk.

Furthermore, 81percent of residents believe their Council Tax will increase as a result of the proposals and 49percent would rather see the status quo maintained.

The next most popular unitary solution, with support from 14percent of respondents, was the creation of unitary East, West, and Greater Ipswich Councils.

David's survey has been running online at for two weeks and is still open to responses from residents.

David said:

'The results of my survey reveal that not only do the Boundary Committee's recommendations fly in the face of the considered opinion of our local councillors, they are also completely contrary to the wishes of the electorate.

'Over 70percent of respondents disagree with the Boundary Committee's recommendation and a colossal 81percent fear, as I do, that Council Tax will soar as a result of these proposals.

'I have been opposed to this costly and unnecessary reorganisation of local government from the outset. I am glad that local residents feel as I do- these ridiculous and costly proposals should never see the light of day.

'Let us be clear about one thing- there will be no savings from this reorganisation and council tax will not be reduced because of it. Any savings that are mooted will be swallowed up by the gigantic costs of administering the reorganisation.

'This decision is not about saving money- if the Government wanted to do that they would have taken the axe to the ridiculous number of unelected bureaucrats that dominate regional affairs.'