Standing up for Suffolk villages: Ruffley in fact finding meeting with Troston Farms and consultation with villagers

Wednesday, 23 November, 2005

David Ruffley MP is to meet with St Edmundsbury Borough Councillor Christopher Spicer and representatives from Troston Farms to discuss the concerns raised by the residents of Troston regarding proposed mobile chicken sheds on the farm grounds.

David's meeting will take place between 11.00am and 12.00 on Friday 25 November.

Residents of Troston have expressed concerns that the erection of chicken sheds and the housing of 400 free range chickens on the site will result in increased noise and odour from the farm.

Following his meeting with Troston Farms representatives David will meet with a delegation of villagers to outline his findings and discuss their concerns.

David said:

'This is a fact finding mission. The residents of Troston have expressed their fears over this new project quite clearly.

'They are, among other things, worried about increased odour from the farm, the visual impact of the new sheds, an increase in traffic volumes and the effect these factors would have on their property prices.

'Troston Farms have given certain assurances that there will be little or no impact from this new development. I will be happy to listen to their representatives explain more about the project and will be holding them to any guarantees they make to the residents of Troston.

'I look forward to meeting with Christopher Spicer and Troston Farms and being able to address the concerns of local residents.'