David Ruffley - MP for Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket and Needham Market

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Ruffley making progress on Great Barton Traffic Black Spot

Following David Ruffley’s petition launch with Mr Derek Firth, Chairman of Great Barton Parish Council, and local Borough Councillor, Mrs Margaret Horbury, David has now written to Inspector Kidd-Stanton, of the Bury St Edmunds Rural Sector.
David said: Inspector Mayhew has informed me that Inspector Kidd-Stanton from the Bury Rural police area is planning a pilot scheme to start on 1 April this year involving hand held speed devices being used at the black spot.
I have written to Inspector Kidd-Stanton to clarify what seemed tentative plans. First, I have asked whether hand held devices can be used on ‘A’ roads because there seems to be some question as to whether they can. Secondly, I have asked for further details of the likely number of hours that will be spent using hand held devices.
A hand held device speed trap could be a useful start but it will be no substitute for fixed permanent cameras and I am making that clear.”