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July 2006
Ruffley asks, “Are the Police enforcing the law against under age drinking?”

Ruffley stands up for local residents over town centre licensing application: “We need to ensure Bury St Edmunds retains its unique charm and character”

Ruffley to tour improved Stowmarket Leisure Centre

Ruffley: “Greening Suffolk - New measures to promote local green energy”

Ruffley slams Government for wasting tax payers’ money as police merger is finally abandoned

Ruffley seeks assurances from West Suffolk Hospital following Healthcare Commission report

David Ruffley explains why he thinks that Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds has the highest life expectancy in the Country

Ruffley congratulates St Edmundsbury Borough Council on Nowton Park visitor figures

Suffolk MPs receive petition of 1001 signatures to save local NHS

Ruffley demands Government investigation into MRSA surgical scrub following research from Suffolk company

Ruffley’s House of Commons question reveals startling level of business start up failures

Ruffley comes to the aid of Riverwalk School

Ruffley law and order proposal: “Bury police should issue local retailers with photographs of shoplifters”

June 2006
Ruffley demands SHA is abolished as they announce £101 million overspend at public meeting

West Suffolk Alzheimer’s Society patron, MP David Ruffley, voices support for Alzheimer’s Society National Day of Action

Shock new House of Commons figures on Bury St Edmunds home repossession

Ruffley says: Home Office u-turn on police Quango long overdue”

Ruffley to attend Civic Services on Sunday 18 June

Ruffley to attend annual St John’s Street Fair and visit local retailers

Ruffley to attend Rattlesden Village Shop reopening

Ruffley demands SHA is abolished: “It oversees a £110 million overspend and should go”

Ruffley to visit Bury St Edmunds Jobcentre Plus for tour and Q & A session

Ruffley to open Pitman Training Bury St Edmunds

Ruffley to demonstrate new video magnifier for the visually impaired to local supermarket managers

May 2006
Ruffley congratulates West Suffolk Hospital ‘Back on Track’ project

‘Local food is miles better’ says Ruffley

Ruffley launches School Organisation Review survey on www.tellDavidRuffley.com

Ruffley asks new Home Secretary: “Is the police merger happening or isn’t it?”

Ruffley calls on local people to take part in School Organisation Review

Ruffley highlights Adult Learners Week

Ruffley sceptical about the new Ambulance Quango

Ruffley calls for a referendum on Police restructuring - “Let the people have their say”

Ruffley challenges Government Minister over survival of local Post Offices and is backed by Stowupland Sub-postmaster

MP demands British brown sauce be introduced into House of Commons as Heinz “HP Sauce” goes abroad

Ruffley applauds St Edmundsbury Borough Council for green Council Tax credit

Ruffley challenges Royal Mail over Suffolk closures

Ruffley to take part in Theatre Royal sponsored walk

Ruffley’s anger at Government’s secret house price tax

April 2006
Ruffley opposes police merger in the House of Commons

Ruffley highlights Deaf Awareness Week and arranges Typetalk training for his staff

Ruffley welcomes Suffolk County Council events for young people with disabilities

Ruffley meets West Suffolk Hospital Chief Executive for update on financial recovery plan - "I will be asking tough questions"

Conservative shadow minister for welfare reform David Ruffley’s latest parliamentary question shows total overpayment of income support, jobseekers allowance and pension credit now reaches £2.5 billion

Ruffley writes to Home Secretary over plans to axe police computer system

Ruffley voices support for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week and encourages local people to support their branch of the MS Society

Ruffley challenges Suffolk PCT, SHA and Hospital Trust over Mental Health Foundation report on the local links between alcohol and mental health

Ruffley speaks to Stowmarket Chamber of Commerce and gets their views on Stowmarket regeneration

Ruffley officially opens new Norton pre-school building following his support of their successful Community fundraising campaign

Ruffley asks local people: “Where do you want your money to go?”

Ruffley welcomes ‘Dead Ringers?’ exhibition and calls for 'green' mobile phones

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